3 ways to lower your cost when purchasing agrochemicals

In order to lower the cost in purchasing agrochemicals,we have to know the components of the price:

1.Technical(A.I ingredients)
5.Processing fees

There are number of ways you should pay attention before you make up your decision:

1.Choose the the most suitable one,not the most expensive one.
For example,abamectin1. 5% EC,choose Abamectin ointment rather than abamectin 95% techical,in this way filler and auxiliaries  cost will be saved by 10%. At the same time,effectiveness of the products is assured.
2.Select the right type of formulation.

Right recipe with right auxiliaries can low the cost and increase the effectiveness and safeness.
Taking imidachloprid for example, depite its user-health-friendly features,imidachloprid 70%WDG is 70% higher than 70%WP,this is because most Chinese formulator first make WP the proceed WP into WDG,in this way,more technical is wasted and auxiliaries system is destroyed too.
WDG DUST FREE Continuous Production
(WDG Dust Free & Continuous Production Line)

3.Select the appropriate packing

  • Many importer,with the purpose of marketing,often ask us to make many useless cartons and boxes.sometimes the packing cost even more than the product itself.
  • For most EC product,C0-ex or bottle is a must,but for those water based formulation like SC,AS ,HDPE will be  safe enough.when you change your supplier or your supplier change their recipe or their bottle supplier,please ask them do the heath storage test first.
  • More information about packing :Introduction of Chinese Agrochemical Packings Suppliers

hdpe bottle