CCMP,the important intermediate of Imidacloprid ,prices have rised 40.7% in the past year.

The price of 2-chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine (referred to as CCMP), an important intermediate in the production of imidacloprid, increased by 40.7% in one year, Effected by a series of events such as de-production, environmental supervision and haze control. CCMP price from January 2016 of  67,500 yuan / ton up to 95,000 yuan / ton. Especially in November and December 2016.

Price Trend of CCMP from Jan -Dec,2016
 (*Data from AgroPages)
CCMP is an important intermediate of making imidacloprid. The synthesis route of imidacloprid is many, but all need CCMP, so this intermediate is also the key of imidacloprid production. Imidacloprid is the world’s largest consumed pesticides, imidacloprid production in China accounted for 80% of global production, imidacloprid the market situation has a direct impact on the CCMP market. The trend of short supply is expected to continue in 2017.
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*Price Trend of Imidachloprid