Dinotefuran,Star of the Second Generation Nicotinoid Insecticides

The resistance of 2nd generation nicotinoid is increasing,it is doomed that imidachloprid and acetamiprid will gradually lost its  market share.But still there is a huge Seed treatment market with big potential and wide prospect.


Here is the market analysis:

  • Profit of imidachloprid and acetamiprid will decline.

The European Commission has adopted a proposal to restrict the use of 3 pesticides belonging to the neonicotinoids family (clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiametoxam) for a period of 2 years.(Regulation (EU) No 485/2013).The overcapacity of this product will poure into other market and eroded profit margin.

  • Synthesizing cost of Dinotefuran will be decreased.

Because of the low toxicity features,dinotefuran will became the star of  Nicotinoid Insecticides.The only problem is it’s high cost limits the large scale extension.But sure cost will be reduced just like what happened to emamectin benzoat and abmecatin,it will became a cost-effective product.

  • There will be more Dinotefuran formulation in the market.

Mitsui have have registered 20%SG in China,however, more Chinese manufacturers are trying to make it different ways:

Dinotefuran 20%SC

Dinotefuran 70%WDG

Dinotefuran 30%OD

Dinotefuran+Pymetrozine 70%WDG

Dinotefuran+Pyridaben·(Formulation type unknown)

Lambda-cyhalothrin (Formulation type unknown)



For a mature market like Vietnam,it is recommend to develop more mixture products rather than single WP.Do more research on more specific target and apply for a patent.

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