famoxadone+cymoxanil 22.5 %+30.0 % WDG

This is an organic and penetrating fungicide to fight against potato/tomato  early and late blights, and downy mildew on grapes, lettuce and cucurbits.  Formulated as water dispersible granules (WG), it is composed of the association of  two active ingredients: 

• Famoxadone, a novel inhibitor of mitochondrial respiration and belonging to the  oxazolidinediones chemical group. Famoxadone has essentially a preventive activity  against zoospores and mycelium and confers excellent persistent biological action. 

• Cymoxanil, a penetrant anti-mildew fungicide belonging to cyanoacetamides  chemical group.

Cymoxanil has a short preventive activity (4-5 days) and has  particularly a remarkable curative action of 1 day for potato/tomato blights and   2-3 days curative activity on grapes downy mildew. It rapidly penetrates in plant  tissues and is homogeneously distributed all over. These caracteristics makes it an  ideal partner for Famoxadone.