Get Ready for Penoxsulam Registration–Patent Coming Expired in 2017

Penoxsulam is the most popular selective herbicide,which can control most of the weeds including resistance weeds that quinclorac not able to control.

Penoxsulam, also sold under the brand name Granite, is an acetolactate synthase inhibitor herbicide developed in the mid-2000s. This substance is designed to control existing broadleaf weeds and similar plants in lawns, rice fields and cereal crops. While penoxsulam is not effective against most grass species, it can be used to control a few specific weed grass species.



Why Penoxsulam so Popular?

1.Peftect results for direct seeding rice.
Especially for the weeds that are resistent to quinclorac,propanil,sulfonylurea herbicide and ACCase herbicide.
2.Vast Market Potential
Can be widely used in all rice planting region in Asia-Pacific region.
3.Patent Coming Expired in 23th,Sep,2017
Untill now,261 single formulation and 182 mixture formulation are under experimental Field trial in China.
4.Great Potential in Non-agricultural fields
Such as to mix with fertilizer for grass lawn and livestock industry.