Market update (December 12, 2013)


This week glyphosate end it’s decline at around ¥29500.00/MT and bounce up to around¥31500.00/MT,this is dued to the domestic manufacturers are preparing the stock for the 2014.but this does not rule out short-term speculation.


Excess capacity :32 manufacturers of technical and formulators over 600 ,disorder competition hurt the profit margins,so some manufacturers shut down some facilities.

EU regulation:EU member states to withdraw approvals of acetochlor by 23 June 2012

Short supply of intermediates like MEA.

These together push the acetochlor price to a new stage.


Short supply of intermediate p-chlorophenol push the price to a higher level.

Imidacloprid & Acetamiprid

The prices return to levels consistent with current demand conditions.On the other hand,the thiamethoxam have became a generic product and can be well competent with imidacloprid in some ways.