Differences between Metiram, Zineb and Mancozeb

** The Smell**

Metiram – rotten egg smell
Zineb – sulfur smell
Mancozeb- fish smell

** The Molecular structure **

Not same.

** Zinc content**

Metiram – 18%
Zineb – 8%
Mancozeb- 2.55%


Metiram :Higher zinc content, better protection,can make leaf green. Improve crop yield and improve quality; better control of melon downy mildew comparing with mancozeb, less harm to then predatory mites.
Zineb:Zineb is like mancozeb without Manganese,the only selling points higher Zinc conetent comparing with Mancozeb.
Mancozeb:Manganese ions can be easily decomposed from Mancozeb (non-complex), sometims will lead injury to the crop.

The duration is different:
Metiram : long duration, safe, even use when flowering.
Zineb is sterilization and zinc, sterilization and zinc are quick, the effect is shorter, usually 5 to 7 days.
Mancozeb Zinc in the mancozeb can control the release rate of manganese, so it will have more lasting efficacy, the general efficacy of 10 to 15 days, longer than Zineb.