Selling Point of Pyraclostrobin and Registration Suggestion

The so-called product selling point, is to give users a reason to buy and use . It is composed of two parts, one is useful or not, the second is it can be profitable or not. The first one depends on product quality and actual performance, the 2nd depends on the brand influence and cost-effective.

As a one of the most active product among strobilurin fungicides,pyraclostrobin has the following unique selling point:

Selling Points:
1. To stimulate the synthesis of chlorophyll, making the crop leaves more green, thicker, improve photosynthetic efficiency;
2. To mediate hormonal balance, promote flower bud differentiation, improve crop growth season, weaken the adverse weather conditions;
3. Crop roots are more developed and growing more vigorously;
4. Increased crop nutrient uptake, increase fruit setting and fruit size;
5. Make agricultural products higher yield, better quality.
6.Resistant to rain ,pyraclostrobin can penetrate into the plant after spraying a few minutes later, so it has unique unique advantages in rainy areas and rainy season.

Use Tips:
1. Use as precaution not a cure.
2.Use mix with other fungicides.

Registration Suggestion:


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